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When our cat Teddy was diagnosed as a diabetic, our vet prescribed Lantus insulin. I went to the Target pharmacy with the prescription.  I gave them the prescription.  They gave me the Lantus insulin and a $260 bill. Gulp. Subsequent purchases were over $300. GULP!

I was fortunate that at the time I could afford to spend that much, but I know a lot of people cannot. Here’s a tip:

Craigslist is Your Friend.

People on medicare and medicaid sell their excess insulin on Craigslist.  Right now I am looking at a craigslist ad for a bottle of Lantus for $30.  There is a second ad for $40.

I’m sharing this because most people are not aware of it.  My vet was not even aware of it.

Less Expensive Insulins

Also, See if you can get your vet to prescribe one of the less expensive insulins intended specific for pets. Here are the names of two:

  • ProZinc
  • Vetsulin


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