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In many states, syringes can be bought without a prescription.  I live in Arizona and that is the case here.

U-40 vs U-100

See my notes here about U-40 vs U-100 insulin and syringes.

Total Diabetes Supply is where I regularly bought Teddy’s syringes.  As you surf the internet, you’ll see that prices vary all over the place.  I saw prices as high as $60 for a box of 100 syringes.  At Total Diabetes Supply, I paid $15 for a box of 100.

1/2 Unit Syringes

 You may find that you need to give your cat 3-1/2 units of insulin (or some other ‘-1/2’ amount). Most syringes are marked in full units only. You can get 1/2 unit syringes here, and they are pretty inexpensive.

Re-Using Syringes

You can re-use syringes. Most diabetics do. However each time you use a syringe it loses a little of its sharpness. My own personal feeling: If I were giving myself injections, I could tell when the syringe got too dull, and so I might re-use them.  Since I’m using them on Teddy however, I have no way to judge.  Therefore Teddy got a new syringe for each injection. Given that the online cost of syringes is about $15 for a hundred, I can aford to not reuse them.

Syringe Disposal

You are going to need a way to safely dispose of used syringes. Every pharmacy carries these BD Sharps containers.  They are about $4.

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