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Bush Cats and Tree Cats

The terms ‘Bush Cat’ and ‘Tree Cat’ come from Jackson Galaxy.

Tree Cats prefer a high perch. It allows the Tree Cat to survey his surroundings and keep an eye on everything.  If you can’t keep your cat off the tables and kitchen counters (or the refrigerator) then you have a Tree Cat. Yelling at your Tree Cat or punishing him is not going to solve anything.  The urge to be up high is primal. He needs to be up high.  The only solution is to give him a substitute.  Give him a cat try and make a big fuss over it so he knows it’s OK to be on it.

Bush Cats prefer to be in or under things.  This is so that they and easily spot and monitor prey and quickly snatch a good meal.  Teddy is a Bush Cat.

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