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The Way of Cats

Buy This Book.

The book, the author, and her blog have done more to help me understand Teddy than anything else.

I’ve lived with cats all my life. Most of them, I was able to get inside their heads pretty easily.  Not Teddy.  He was inscrutable.  I attributed this to him coming to me as an adult and his background.

I started working hard to understand Teddy. Finding Way of Cats was the key. I now understand that he’s an ‘Alpha’.  And my little Buttons is a ‘Gamma’.  In her book and her blog, the author describes her cat Tristan who is an Alpha.  I see so much of her Tristan in Teddy.

Almost every day on facebook I read someone saying they wish their cat would (or wouldn’t) (fill in the blank).  I want to reply “Read this book”.

If you’ve been a ‘dog person’ all your life and now have your first cat then you must read this book. If you can’t stop your cat scratching on the furniture you must read this book. If you can’t keep your cat off the table or counters you must read this book. If your cats don’t get along you must read this book.  I could go on and on.

Read this book.

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